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We design and deliver innovative integrated support
for entrepreneurs and their teams.

We work with local authorities delivering entrepreneurship programmes and support to their residents involved in creating enterprises that enrich the community.

We use Entrepreneurship itself as the mechanism that both funds and supports those that we enable and encourage.

Our Support

Our extensive integrated suite of support for entrepreneurs and their teams has been achieved by

Employing expert team players who are friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic, with a flare for entrepreneurship.

Holding regular all-company meetings to discuss our entrepreneurs’ needs and how we can further develop our people, our technology and the range of support we offer

Developing software that integrates and streamlines our processes intuitively and with ease

Areas we cover

Technology & Collaboration
We advise and assist entrepreneurs and their teams to make full use of technology and collaboration tools that enhances and streamlines their business processes.
Strategy & Planning
Our entrepreneurs utilise the experience of our business strategy, accountancy and enterprise specialists to formulate robust strategies and business plans.
Legal, Accounting & Advisory
Adhering to company law and accounting best practices is easier with our team of solicitors and accountants who are behind our entrepreneurs every step of their startup and growth journey
Branding, Marketing & Media
We establish brands and create compelling campaigns utilising the full spectrum of media options available including video, social media, email and traditional marketing.
Websites, Apps & Data Management
Increase discoverability, build trust and streamline customer acquisition with a cutting-edge website, app and back-office system directly integrated with business processes.
Raising Funds
Our network of investors are ready to get involved; our Strategy and Accountancy Teams are on standby to assist with grant funding and loan applications; Marketing & Media teams provide crowdfunding campaign support.


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The Executive Team

Kay Garland

Lead Designer

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

Klaudia Bandola

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Graphic Designer

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